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Mumbai Police books Salim Khan for encouraging child labour by sending his 'child' Salman to work

24, Jun 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: Mumbai Police has registered an FIR against veteran screenwriter Salim Khan for forcing his child Salman Khan into work. This case was registered after several Bollywood personalities came out to defend Salman Khan over his recent comments, calling him a child at heart.

Salim Khan
Salim Saab asking media to leave Salman alone

A senior police officer working at Bandra police station speaking to Faking News said, “Most of the people we spoke to in Bollywood claim his heart is pure gold, he is still a child, his statements might look awkward sometimes but his intentions are never wrong. Therefore, we started considering Salman as a child and as we know, child labour is banned in India.”

“During our investigation we found its Salim saab is responsible to a large extent for the mess his elder son finds him more often than not. First of all, we feel it was silly for Salim saab to retire at such a young age. He was at the peak of his career and he very well knew there is no policy like Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yana like we have now. Being the elder son Salman had to take it upon himself to earn livelihood for such a big family”, said the Police officer.

Elaborating further, the Police official added, “In spite of being such a powerful bollywood father, he did not launch his son. Under so much pressure, Salman delivered on his own by becoming good Prem(s), but what help as a father Salim saab provided? He was such a great writer, why did he never ask his son to read scripts. You have three sons. But what are the other two doing? Regularly for their pocket money, they pray for the success of their elder brother. Salim saab is unfair, he has been putting too much pressure on the child who is the sole earning member of his family”

“Looking at Salim saab’s age, it’s not a great feeling for us to file a case on him. We just hope something positive comes out of it. Who knows it might help Salman to grow up and going forward his words and intention both might sound ok”, said the Police official.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan folded his hands and asked us to spare him when we asked him to comment on his role in Sultan.