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Music composers break record; remakes song that hasn't even been recorded yet

03, Feb 2018 By Akash Vadera

Mumbai: The music composers of Trivikram Jatt’s next film Fate Story 19 have reportedly entered Guinness Book of World Records for remaking a song that hasn’t been recorded yet. They achieved this impossible feat when they were recording for Fate Story 19 in Trivikram’s film studio in Mumbai.

We got hold of the composer duo Bebas-Sultan and here’s what Bebas had to say. “I have been in this industry for 20 years now. We (He and Sultan) have composed over 200 songs now and remade over 100. When we were composing for Fate Story 19, we were looking at some music videos for inspiration.”

Sultan interrupts Bebas by coughing, “Uhh.. just for passing the time I mean.” Bebas continues, “And then Sultan got this amazing idea. He told me Bebas bhai, we have been remaking songs for quite a long time. Why not remake a song that we haven’t even recorded yet? That will be first of its kind and will be an instant hit. So after some research on the internet” Sultan again coughs “I mean after spending hours on getting the right tune we composed a song. After it was composed, we didn’t record it, but instead we recorded its remake.”

Sultan added here, “Our last remake was for Bebas bhai’s son’s movie Faulty Machine. It was a very big hit. So this time we have leveled up. We have remade a song that has not even been recorded yet. Once this remake is a hit, we will record the original version.”

The film’s producer Viral Pandya joined the interview and here’s what he had to say “For the last 18 Fate Stories, we have remade a total of 79 songs. So it was getting difficult for me to obtain rights of previous classics. In fact, studios that hold rights of these classics have blacklisted me. One guy even left dogs at me. So I had instructed Bebas-Sultan clearly that this time they need to do something out of the box. This is what made them think of this novel idea.”

When asked how many Fate Stories he’s planning on making, Viral replied “Not many; just 21 more.” Our reporter ended the interview and left the studio.