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Naked man on Delhi runway identified as actor Kamaal Rashid Khan

28, Feb 2010 By wrichik

New Delhi. The naked flight interrupter apprehended at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport turned out to be none other than Bollywood actor Kamaal Rashid Khan, also known to himself as KRK. Reportedly too inebriated to phrase a coherent reply to the questions of his interrogators, all he could only say was “Ka-laudia… tum kahaan ho?”

Reactions to this revelation have been mixed.

Shah Rukh Khan, still wearing his My Name Is Khan t-shirt said, “I think all problems can be solved with love. Kamaal is a great rival to have. MNIK is different from anything else Karan and I have done before.”

Kamaal Rashid Khan
KRK believes that he looks like a cool dude, a claim that is widely disputed

Abhishek Bachchan cracked a joke on the topic but none of the journalists present were listening to him as they looked forward to hearing from his wife, Mrs. ARB. Aishwarya’s response – “I’m not pregnant! Got that?? And that has nothing to do with my stomach, you morons!!! What? That’s not what you’re here for? Oh, Kamaal… naked… drunk… so what’s newsworthy in that? My nonexistent embryo is a bigger superstar than this whatshisnameagain wannabe will ever be, ok?”

The pilot of the aircraft that could have crushed KRK to pulp went on the record regretting not capitalizing on this golden opportunity to make the world a better place. Among other things he blamed the uber hotness of Kingfisher airhostesses for failing to recognize the man on the tarmac.

Madhur Bhandarkar was seen vigorously taking notes of the incident but scooted off before journalists could ask him what mononym he would use for his next film and how he plans to use this incident for upping the ‘real factor’ of his film.

On a positive note for Kamaal, his daredevil brush with death and reckless streaking under influence of alcohol boosted his Twitter follower count by 3, bringing him closer to his target of surpassing Shah Rukh Khan.

Kamaal’s next film, Deshdrohi 2 – 26/11 War in Mumbai, is scheduled for release later this year and is expected to launch Kamaal into the pantheon of respectable Bollywood stars such as Rakhi Sawant, Himesh Reshammiya and Sherlyn Chopra.

Many experts believe that this lying-naked-in-airport was a part of marketing gimmick by Kamaal to promote his film and he could repeat such acts again in future. “Trust Bollywood for innovation in such matters.” Paan Pasand, a leading movie critic said.