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Nation ready for Uday Chopra's retirement

21, Dec 2013 By sportstadkakk

Mumbai. Around a month ago, nation gave farewell to one of the living legends, Sachin Tendulkar. Now it is getting ready to give a great farewell to another living legend, this time from the movie fraternity – Uday Chopra, aka Ali from the Dhoom series.

Uday had announced his retirement much before the release of Dhoom 3, just like Sachin Tendulkar had announced his retirement after his 200th test match. And just like the 200th test attracted huge interest, Dhoom 3 too is attracting huge interest and is on its way to break Box Office records.

While Sachin gave an emotional farewell speech, Uday decided to do something better. He gave an exclusive interview to Faking News. Here are some excerpts from the same:

Note: During the interview, this reporter was badly injured as a result of physical assault from the fans, who accused the reporter of provoking Uday Chopra into reconsidering his decision of retirement.

Uday Chopra
Uday Chopra mimicking his fans’ reactions when they heard about his retirement

Faking News (FN): So Uday, nervous?

Uday Chopra (UC): (laughs) Not really. I knew this day would come eventually. But I thought to give younger actors a chance to ride the bike.

FN:  Over the years, you have been very selective in your movies, and then suddenly you announced your retirement. Why?

UC: (thinking very seriously and then replying) Yeah I have been selective in choosing movies. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t find a role that would suit me. But I will also thank all the directors and producers of Bollywood, who too were very selective in choosing me for their movies, which left me only with Dhoom.

FN: You considered direction and writing once you retired. What happened to that?

UC: Why not!? I am still considering it. Arun Lal may have been a mediocre cricketer, but he is now a legendary commentator. The other day he suggested something to Dale Steyn; just shows that he had the skills, just couldn’t implement them properly on the field. Similarly, I think I’ve had enough exposure onscreen to be able to have a go behind the lens once in a while.

FN: What about the fans. What would you like to say to them.

UC: I would just like to say its been over 13 years since I made my debut. During these times I have tried my best in each of my movies but unfortunately couldn’t’t show any expressions. I would also like to show my condolences to my greatest fan, who died a few days back as he was forcibly shown Pyaar Impossible and Neil n Nikki back to back.

FN: Wow. Not many actors can boast of such fans. Would you consider your decision to retire? (this is when this reporter was attacked with cricket bats, hockey sticks, and DVDs)

UC: No. I can see that my fans are already agitated. I will help them by going behind. I mean, behind the camera.

FN: Thanks Uday. We hope you to see in your new role soon (rushes to hospital).

Not only the fans, even Bollywood is thinking of giving a grand farewell to Uday Chopra and felicitate him in various ceremonies. Sources tell that Yo Yo Honey Singh has decided to dedicate his next song to Uday Chopra. The song is a remix of his earlier hit “Shakal Pe Mat Ja Paandu”.

Faking News also talked to some other celebrities and this is what they had to say about Uday’s retirement:

Amitabh Bachchan: That’s a wake up call for Abhi I would say. Now all the pressure is going to be on him. Abhi was compared with me when he made his debut, now he will be compared with Uday when he retires. I feel for my boy.

Rahul Gandhi: We welcome Uday ji’s decision. I have watched all his movies and I could find them intellectually stimulating. His services will be missed by India.

Narendra Modi: I would just like to clarify that UPA has taken 10 years to take such an important decision. If NDA was in power, he would have retired years ago. Vande Mataram, Jai Hind!

Arvind Kejriwal: How can a person take such an important decision so easily and all by himself!? I think he should have asked for janta’s opinion before taking such a decision.

Anna Hazare: I think with the retirement of Uday Chopra, the quality of films will increase by 40%.

Arnab Goswami: Rival channels might be happy that those who had been watching Uday Chopra movies will start watching their channels, but the entire nation watches The Newshour.

Aditya Chopra: Yes!! Finally!!

Uday’s Hayabusa (the bike): Yes!! Finally!!