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Nawaz Sharif to judge Dance Pakistan Dance, Pakistan's first dance reality show

25, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Islamabad: Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif is all set to play the role of a judge on Pakistan’s first dance reality show, Dance Pakistan Dance. Pakistan’s leading entertainment channel ARY digital made this announcement after plans for the next season of Dance Pakistan Dance were revealed to the media.

Nawaz Sharif showing his moves to participants of Dance Pakistan Dance
Nawaz Sharif showing his moves to participants of Dance Pakistan Dance

Speaking to Faking News, a source close to the channel said, “We had absolutely no doubt in our mind when we were looking for a judge for the next season of our show. We have seen PM Sharif dance to the tunes of the army and the separatists and we feel that he does an exceptional job. We were particularly impressed by his ability to gyrate in any direction and still maintain his composure. That coupled with his facial expressions and emotions that we have seen at rallies, complete the package. These are not only signs of a good dancer but also an expert judge.”

PM Sharif is also excited with the prospect of hosting the show and has also agreed to train the participants if required.

“Sharif Saab is more than just a politician. He is an avid traveler and a very good dancer. I hope he gets a chance to showcase his backward bend that he so skillfully mastered. Politics happened by chance,” said an aide close to the PM.

This is the first time a politician has been considered for the role of a judge. Given their busy commitments, most politicians refrain from being a part of reality shows. “Usually people join politics after they are done with cricket or TV. But this is probably the first time in Pakistan that someone is trying to change the trend,” said a representative from ARY.

Our sources tell us that Pak army chief has given the green signal to Nawaz Sharif for being part of the show. “We have no issues with it. In fact we are happy that he is showcasing his skills to the masses. This is what we have been saying all this while, you do what you are good at and leave the decision making to us,” said General Raheel Sharif, General of Pakistani Army.

Meanwhile, former cricketer Imran Khan has used this opportunity to criticize Nawaz Sharaf once again. Speaking at a rally in Islamabad he said, “Sharif Sahab se meri darkhaust hai ki woh apni umar ka lihaz kare. Mai ab bhi unko challenge karta hu, meri bowling face kare ya fir istifa dekar siyasat chhod de.”