Nawazuddin's upcoming movie in trouble with censor board for lack of abusive language in the movie

28, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s upcoming movie Ghoomketu has found itself at loggerheads with the censor after member of the board pulled the movie for not having enough abuses.

Speaking to Faking News a member of the board said, “When we saw the movie we were shocked that a Nawazuddin movie with so few profanities. To the extent that it would have got a U/A ceritificate.”

The board also said that it is in talks with the makers of the movie to get them to reshoot the actors dialogues with a liberal sprinkling of abuses.

Aisa nahi ho sakta ki Nawazuddin ki movie ho aur usme gaali na ho. Yeh humare guidelines ke khilaf hai,” said another member.

The producer of the movie acknowledged that he had been summoned by the censor board and has agreed to the changes suggested by them.

“We dont want the release of the movie to be stuck so few scenes and dialogues have been modified. For ex. one scene where Nawazuddin says ‘mera kaam nahi karega toh tujhe chhodunga nahi‘ has been changed to ‘sun be madar***d, mera kaam nahi karega toh g***d me bomb laga ke fodunga’. Hopefully with these edits the movie will be passed by the censors,” said the producer.

The actor was not available for comment but replied to our message and said that in future he’d be more careful about this particular guideline of the censor board.