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Nescafe reports 50% drop in coffee sales after Hardik Pandya controversy, asks Karan Johar for compensation 

14, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

Coffee maker Nescafe has reported a 50% drop in sales of their instant coffee product which they believe is a result of the recent controversy surrounding cricketer Hardik Pandya on Koffee with Karan.

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Karan  Johar’s eponymous show received widespread condemnation for the sexist, crude and misogynistic nature of the content and sales of Nescafe had to bear the brunt of the criticism that the show received.

The company is now asking Karan Johar to compensate for the losses that amount to crores. “He (Karan Johar) has committed a Jauhar of our coffee sales target. Our products are lying on retail shelves and no one is buying it thanks to all the negative publicity his show has received. Who is going to pay for the losses,” questioned the Sales Head of Nescafe.

“It seems like no one wants to be associated with Coffee anymore. If Karan would not have prompted Hardik with those stupid questions, there wouldn’t have been this collateral damage,” he added.

The company now fears that more people are shifting towards tea and this may further hurt their sales in the coming months. Their fears are not unfounded if market experts are to be believed. “Not just beverages, even coffee flavored candies have taken a hit,” said an expert.

Coffee chain Starbucks has also taken a hit but refused to divulge details. An insider however revealed that the chain may have to exit India if the situation doesn’t improve.

Karan Johar, who was apologetic of the entire fiasco, agreed to make amends.

In a leaked letter addressed to the top management of Nescafe he wrote, “I am sorry for your loss. I will do everything possible to rectify it. If you have a son or a daughter then I take full  responsibility of launching them in my next movie.”