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Netflix to be nominated for UN peace prize after people forget differences and call each other for id password

31, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Indians are lapping up online videos—but with a jugaad that saves them a lot of money. Almost eight in 10 subscribers of Amazon, Netflix, and Hotstar in India share their subscriptions with family, friends, and even colleagues, a survey by research and consultancy firm Pixights has found. Netflix allows up to four people to share one account, while two titles can be streamed at the same time on different devices. This is the reason why it has spread happiness among the Indians as people from all walks of life are forgetting differences and enemies to call up an old friend and ask for the Netflix Id and password.


In a very recent example related to the trend, Shwetank, and Sanil who were close friends during their time spent together in an Engineering College. Their friendship saw its lowest, in fact, the last point when they fought over a Cigarette when Shwetank took one drag extra in the cigarette which they were sharing. The fight was so intense that they were not on talking terms till last Friday. On Friday, Sanil called up Shwetank to ask for his Netflix username and password. They spoke for hours after that and were emotional also.

There are many examples like this and sacred Games also played a big role in bringing friends to close after a long hiatus in the relationship. India, in fact, needs many platform like Netflix which will help the growth of National Integrity and make us a united society.