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New Ransomware plays non-stop uninstallable Dhinchak Pooja video if Ransom not paid

30, Jun 2017 By RT

India. A new Ransomware is spreading very fast in the country, which plays non-stop an uninstallable Dhinchak Pooja video if Ransom is not paid. The mild attack has the video of ‘selfie maine’ and the powerful one has the latest video ‘Dilon ka shooter’, it is learnt by Faking News.


Dhinchak Pooja has become very famous in YouTube after her song ‘selfie maine’ had millions of views. Her haters made her famous. The trolls and memes have been in thousands and dhinchak never had to complain as she was busy counting money from the earnings. Dhinchak was a sensation like ‘Kolaveri di’ and all of the Chetan Bhagat novels put together. The haters made her famous.

“Ransomware thrives in innovation. We always introduce novel ideas to seek Ransom from the victims. By mere locking a screen to the new playing non-stop Dhinchak Pooja video, our journey has been a long one. As much as no one knows from where Dhinchak gets courage to release such lousy videos in YouTube, no one would ever know from where Ransomware originates. There may be rumours in social media that the latest is from Ukraine. But, that is wrong” an official WhatsApp message from Ransomware team had claimed.

“Ever since we introduced a Dhinchak video in Ransomware, our profits have soared high. People are willing to pay anything to stop the damn video from playing non-stop. The earnings from ‘selfie’ are moderate while the new ‘shooter’ is making money in truckloads. Prior to this, the traditional Ransomware didn’t get that much from india. Most people just ignored to respond and a few software engineers asked us if it was OK to pay the Ransom with sodexo coupons” the official WhatsApp message further read.

If rumours are to be believed, Dhinchak Pooja herself paid a good Ransom to get her computer free from the ‘Dilon’ Ransomware attack, it is learnt by Faking News. Meanwhile, Ransomware also has backup plans to install and play movies like Tubelight etc., if the user is unfazed with Dhinchak Pooja songs, it is further learnt by Faking news.