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News Channel ropes in RAW agents to find out the truth about 'Virat-Anushka wedding' in Italy

11, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Unless you were living under a rock at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, you would have heard that Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood star Anushka Sharma are allegedly, reportedly, rumoured to be getting married in Tuscany, Italy. However, this rumour is still a rumour and there has been no confirmation from the couple so far. Even people reportedly invited to the wedding have not dropped any hint about the wedding. No fed up of the uncertainty about it all, a news channel has roped in Indian intelligence organisation, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) to get to the bottom of the issue.

Kohli Anushka
After reading news reports, Kohli wondering whether they are already married

Several news organisations have already shared the guest list as well as the details of the venue where the wedding is allegedly going to take place. However, nobody has any confirmation on the wedding and if it is happening, when is it happening. News Tomorrow, a channel that claims to show tomorrow’s news today, has decided to end the suspense and managed to bring on board a RAW agent based in Europe who will get to the truth through his Italian contacts.

Speaking to Faking News, News Tomorrow’s Editor-in-Chief said ,”This is a story of national interest and RAW agents are committed to serve our national interest. productivity in the country is down by a staggering 90% as bulk of the population is busy surfing news channels or browsing the internet to find out whether ‘Virushka’ wedding is happening or not. The other 10% are busy with Gujarat elections. Entire economy has come to a halt and we are looking at a serious economic recession if the uncertainty isn’t removed soon. Therefore, we have joined hands with RAW to find out the truth so that people can move on with their lives.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of reporters are keeping an eye on every flight leaving India for Italy hoping to catch a glimpse of any celebrity as they continue to prepare the speculated guest list of the wedding of the century.