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News reporter running ahead of Taimur to get his pic wins first prize at  pre-school Sports Day

10, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

The annual sports day at the local pre-school in Bandra witnessed high drama after a news reporter who was running ahead of Taimur to get his pictures won the first prize at the Annual Sports Day. It was a 50m race for kids and given media’s obsession with Taimur, saw many reporters running alongside to get exclusive pics.

The reporter also managed to beat around 20 other reporters who too were running along with Taimur.

That however did not go well will Taimur after he had to settle to second prize. Eyewitness say Chhote Nawab started crying non-stop after the organizers took away his gold medal and handed it to the news reporter.

Kareena Kapoor who was present at the event protested as to how could someone who is no participating in the event be awarded the first prize. But the schools management was adamant and said that as per rules the reporter reached the finish line first which made his the recipient of the gold medal.

In his defense the reporter said that was just doing his job. He even offered to hand over the medal to Taimur. “I have been covering Taimur Ali Khan since the time I joined the news channel. I remember once his aaya threw Taimur’s soiled diaper out of the window. I risked my life to catch it before anyone else could and even made a news report on it,” he said in an effort to placate the Kapoor family.

That however did not cut ice with the Kapoors who are now planning to boycott the ‘rogue’ news reporter from covering Taimur related news.