Saturday, 28th March, 2020


Next edition of Indian Idol maybe consider contestants from financially well-off background who don't have a sob story to share

26, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Hinting at a possible change to the show template, producers of Indian Idol have said that the next season of the popular reality show could see a change. Contestants from financially well-off background could be part of the show instead of those who have a sad backstory.

Speaking to Faking News a source close to the development said, “The winner of the show is usually not the one with talent, but the one who has a better story to tell. But those plots are now becoming hackneyed and ever other reality show is using the same plot. But next season we’d be different. We will call contestants from affluent families. Who can share their struggles like owning only one iPhone, traveling all the way to Starbucks to have their daily coffee and so on. You know, we want the Ananya Panday’s of the singing world.”

However there were concerns that the move could backfire if audience fails to connect with the contestants. “This idea needs a rethink. I can already see the TRP of the show plummeting. Who watches the show to hear them singing. People connect with the show when they see judges howling after hearing about the struggles of the contestant,” remarked a popular media personality.

Singer Neha Kakkar welcomed the move and said that she would save a lot of money if the show producers actually went ahead with the idea. “If contestants are well-off, I can save a lot by not spending on glycerin to squeeze out tears. Besides, it is a welcome break. I was so used to crying that the hangover used to last for several weeks after the show. Remember shedding tears even when there was no reason to,” she said while throwing out the remaining bottles of glycerin from her handbag.