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Next ‘Munnabhai’ movie to have ‘Katju ki Jhappi’ and ‘KatjuGiri’

29, Mar 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai. Raju Hirani has announced the next movie in ‘Munnabhai’ series named ‘PCI ke Katju ka Mandola‘ with Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani, and Arshad Warsi in lead roles. While Sanjay and Arshad will play Munna and Circuit respectively, Boman will play ‘Justice Katju’ in the movie.

Justice Katju has given his consent for the movie and has even appeared in a promotional poster for the same, although he denied that he did it for any publicity. He says it would help him in his ultimate goal of getting Sanjay Dutt pardoned.

Munnabhai LLB
A promotional poster for ‘PCI ke Katju ka Mandola’

The proposed movie is said to be vaguely inspired by Sanju Baba’s real life incidents. Like the earlier movies of revolutionary series, this movie will also come with some new terms like ‘Katju ki Jhappi’ and ‘KatjuGiri’.

Raju Hirani told Faking News that after Justice Katju took up Dutt’s case and appealed for pardon, the term ‘Katju ki Jhappi’ has come to signify the act of pardoning and showing mercy. For example, India letting Italian marines go back to Italy is ‘Katju ki Jhappi’ for the marines.

Similarly, ‘KatjuGiri’ means saying things like ‘Please have the decency of not interrupting me when I am speaking’ or ‘I am senior to you. I know more about justice system in India than you, so please don’t argue with me’ whenever you want to win an argument by giving vague examples and try to shut up anybody who is cross questioning.

Students will be able to relate this with their teachers. Sentences like ‘Kya KatjuGiri hai yaar, ek seeedha sa sawal hi to poocha tha‘ are expected to become part of school gossips once the movie releases.

Showing his faith in the law and also making a strong case of his transformed personality, Sanju Baba will be seen having following dialogue with Circuit:

Munna: 511 tareeke ke to kanoon (sections/dafa) hote hain India me. Circuit: Aila kya baat kar rele ho bhai? 511? Munna: Kanoon todne se pehle kabhi sochte the? Nahi naa !!!! (And then both laugh)

He will also be seen educating youngsters not to touch the weapons.

Munna’s character will also indulge in charity (although it already did in the first movie when he opened ‘Sri Hari Prasad Sharma Charitable Hospital’ in his father Sunil Dutt’s name). This will highlight the good works done by Sanjay Dutt’s father.

In this edition of Munnabhai, he will be shown married to Rakhi Sawant (special appearance). A remix version of the songJab se huyi hai shaadi, aansu baha raha hoon’ from 1990 movie ‘Thanedar’ will highlight the sufferings of Sanjay Dutt.

The movie will have a emotional ending in a courtroom where Boman (playing ‘Justice Katju’) will listen the case details and will burst in to tears quoting Shakespearean tragedies and pardon Dutt.