Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


No Vimal available in market after Ajay Devgn stocks up for the #LockDown period

24, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai.  After yesterday’s Janta Curfew, people came out in large numbers today and started buying essential products that will be useful in the lockdown days.

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The list included milk, bread, cereals, pulses, etc and also Vimal. But people did not find Vimal pouches in the market as Ajay Devgn has taken up the full stock. There were trucks and trucks carrying vimal pouches going towards Ajay’s house.

The Maha government has appreciated Ajay’s move as this way people will not out of their houses to buy Vimal, with Ajay having the whole stock. But Kajal was less than impressed with the move as their bungalow will have less space now with 2-3 rooms filled with Vimal pouches. Faking News has even learnt that the Vimal producers needed some Vimal for personal use and they had to buy it from Ajay Devgn, though they did not get the desired amount of pouches. Ajay can now live happily for the coming days of #LockDown as he will not have to worry much.

The Vimal consumers though can have a tough time and have to bear the #LockDown with firm determination.