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Not enough poverty in Gully Boy to make it to final list: Oscar jury 

18, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

India’s official entry to the Oscars – Gullly Boy- failed to make it to the final list. While social media was brewing with reasons as to why the movie failed, the jury came out with its own version.

gullly boy

“There is hardly any poverty in the movie. Movies reflect the society and when we look at movies from India we want to see abject poverty. Slumdog Millionaire has set the benchmark, sadly Gully Boy doesn’t reach anywhere close to it. Though the protagonist lives in a slum, it would have been better if there were more scenes showing destitute people,” said a jury member while speaking to our reporter.

“The title of the movie too didn’t help. They should have named it Slum Boy or The Singing Beggar, maybe something like that,” he added.

In terms of numbers, India has the highest number of movies released in a year. However there are hardly any movies that according to the Oscar jury is worthy of being considered.

“Just out of curiosity I thought of watching a few bollywood movies that were released in 2019. I checked out Housefull 4 and to be honest it brought back memories from around a decade back. The migraine that I thought doctors had cured 10 years back, came back with a vengeance after watching the movie,” remarked another jury members.

Taking cognizance of the ‘grievance’ of jury members, the Ministry of Broadcasting will be drafting guidelines for movies that will be sent to the Oscars. “We are already in touch with filmmakers and will also be constituting a panel of beggars who will review every movie before it is sent for awards,” revealed a Ministry Official.