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Now Alia Bhatt returns ‘Student of the year’ award to protest PM’s silence on bad Bollywood movies

12, Oct 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: After extremely famous writer Nayantara Sahgal returned her Sahitya Akademi award, another extremely talented artist Alia Bhatt has also decided to return her ‘Student of the year’ award.

Alia Bhatt typing out an open letter to Narendra Modi
Alia Bhatt typing out an open letter to Narendra Modi

In multiple interviews given to various film & entertainment channels Alia has severely criticized PM Modi on his continuous silence on the deteriorating quality of Bollywood movies.

Addressing a press conference she said, “Why is he quiet? Every bad Bollywood movie that comes out is nothing but a vicious assault on our cultural diversity. It’s an attack on the soft sensibilities of our masses. Yet he doesn’t utter a word. He is otherwise an eloquent leader that addresses thousands of people. Why the silence on this crucial matter? I hereby solemnly resolve to return my ‘Student of the year’ award, this country is not making the awesome movies it used to make in 40s when I was just a kid.”

On being asked to whom will she actually return her Award, Alia was seemingly confused.

She said, “These writer people are returning the award to some sahitha-galat-tha academy. I am yet to figure out which academy actually gave this Student-of-the-year award to me. I got to ask my college principal Rishi Kapoor ji. He may have some idea. Or maybe Ranbir can help me. And he is kinda cute too. It would be fun seeking his help on this.”

This announcement by Alia has apparently sent shock-waves throughout the artistic community. A lot of writers who were planning to return their Sahitya Akademi awards are now planning to re-consider their move as a lot of press is diverted towards the Bollywood diva and their steps may go un-noticed.

One of the writers who was about to enter the Sahitya Akademi academy building with his award with intent to return it actually backed out last minute and was seen running out of the building.

While leaving he spoke to our reporter on conditions of anonymity. He said, “Alia has kick-started a series of irreversible changes throughout the award returning eco-system. We are long forgotten unknown writers, we are not famous artists as she is. Our returning awards has lost its sheen now thanks to the fact that all the media attention is on the Bollywood actress now. I wish I had returned my award when it actually meant something to return it. Now I ought to keep it with myself forever.”