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Now even atheists demand boycott of PK

01, Jan 2015 By IndiaAnalyst

New Delhi, India: Sudden demand of  Indian Atheists Organization (IAO), demanding  boycott of movie PK starring Aamir Khan has added to controversy surrounding it.

In a press conference today, they declared that top grosser PK is not only misleading people but is grossly inaccurate.

The Atheists cited following inaccuracies and logical errors in the movie which caused the logical/analytical community of atheists to take offense. They were highly offended as the producer, director & actors of PK grossly underestimated human logical capacities. They hoped PK would only be allowed after following inaccurate and illogical scenes are removed.


Scene 1: Aamir Khan applies stickers of Hindu gods on his cheeks after stealing from temple to avoid getting slapped by temple authorities.

Logic: By doing so he can only avoid getting slapped but not punched in stomach or kicked in the rear. The temple authorities could have easily slapped, punched or kicked him elsewhere which is not shown in the movie.


Scene 2: Aamir Khan locks “Shankar Mahadev” (god) in a toilet. The actor in god’s costume flees as he is alone and fearful. And he continues to hide from PK.

Logic: But in public he need not fear as others like the show audience and audience at godmen’s function could have saved him from PK. He could have easily emerged in public as there was no need to fear.


Scene 3: Sushant Singh (Pakistani) character accepts he reached the Church in Belgium to marry Anushka (Jaggu).

Logic: It it important to note here that film depicts a Hindu trying to marry a Muslim in a Church.

Also courts in countries like Belgium are not authorized to solemnize marriages between foreign citizens.

Atleast director could have shown both as Indians trying to marry in India, but in India too a Hindu needs to convert to marry a Muslim legally as per Muslim Personal Law in India.


Scene 4: Aamir Khan shown to be distributing fliers to search for gods to obtain his remote.

Logic: Despite being shown as intelligent alien capable to building / travelling in spaceships, aamir khan is not shown using higher technology like Google, TV, Newspapers etc. to search for God. Sounds implausible. Also it sounds illogical that instead of searching directly for remote he searches for god. Not only this he is not even shown for trying to build a new remote so that he can travel back. Instead he is shown as dumb as asking for batteries to an idol of god.


Scene 4: Anushka & Siddharth dont try to call each other based on a note.

Logic: What about gmail, sms, mms, twitter, google? How come they could not recognize each others handwriting despite being in love.

How come they did not demand answer from each other. Sushant called Belgium embassy every day why not once to Anushka? Since Anushka was TV anchor it would have been easier to google her. Also there is no reason to expect why she would call Belgium embassy instead of calling him directly.


Unless following corrections are made, atheists demand that common people should boycott the movie for its illogical stance.

It seems that troubles for the movie are not over.

(Note: Just like the movie some exaggerations, illogical interpretations are present in this article as well.)