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Now Gavaskar finds major technical flaws in the way players celebrate after taking wickets

14, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After exhausting all technical flaws that he could find in batsmen, their shots, their bats, pads, helmets, socks, etc., ex-cricketer turned commentator, Sunil Gavaskar has now moved on to finding technical flaws in other aspects of a cricket match.

Pointing to the way players celebrate after taking wickets these days, specially in IPL, Gavaskar has lashed out at them for have their technique right during such moments.

“It pains me to see the way these young generation of cricketers celebrate after taking wickets or during other important stages of the match. Their technique is just not right,” Gavaskar told Faking News.

Gavaskar when showed video of Rohan Gavaskar celebrating.
Gavaskar when showed video of Rohan Gavaskar celebrating.

“Their hand position while giving Hi 5s, their feet movement as well as the height at which they jump is so so disappointing for a technically correct ex-players like me,” he went on to explain.

“It is visible these guys are not undergoing any net practice nor are they taking the celebrations bit of their game seriously at all, which forms at least 2% of an entire match duration” Gavaskar concluded.

When asked to name a few players who have disappointed him the most, Gavaskar first called up BCCI HQ and then said,” Many! While some go overboard like Imran Tahir and Darren Bravo, some like Narine look for grim and sad than the opposition batsman who has gone out.”

“Among the current lot, I feel CSK star Suresh Raina is by far the best celebrator in cricket today. Just about every aspect of his celebrations, right from the way he jumps, grabs his team mates, pulls their hair etc is perfect,” Gavakar claimed.

“However I would advice budding cricketers to watch videos of another CSK player Ashish Nehra who has now become a seasoned celebrator. The angle with which his arms swing and the amount of teeth on display is just perfect,” Gavaskar said.

Meanwhile taking note of Gavakar’s advice, Mumbai Indians have decided to add a ‘celebrations specialist coach’ to their every growing list of coaching staff.