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Now Swamy asks for ACP Pradyuman's exit, says crime rate still high despite his claims

22, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: After Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian, Rajya Sabha member and PT leader Subramanian Swamy has a new target in mind, ACP Pradyuman. Mr. Swamy has asked for dismissal of the veteran CID officer for the rising number of unsolved murder cases in the country.

ACP Pradyuman
Swamy’s latest target

Speaking to the press at a function here today, Mr. Swamy said,”He claims to solve all the murder cases that are brought in but still the number of unsolved murders is rising every day. Overall crime figures haven’t shown any signs of a decline either. He claims every criminal will get phaansi but we aren’t seeing any hangings happening so he is lying to the public. With such huge failures, shouldn’t he be removed from the service and replaced by a more capable person? ACP Pradyuman is holding the entire department back.”

“He is using good people for stupid tasks. A veteran officer like Daya is just restricted to breaking doors. Maybe ACP fears that Daya will be a better ACP than himself so he is not allowing him to grow. He has been a failure as an investigator, as a team leader and as a crime fighting officer. Unless he is removed from the position, internal security situation in India will not improve and Modi Government may pay for it during the next election”, Swamy added.

After making these statements, Mr. Swamy took to Twitter to voice his concerns and #SackACPPradyuman started trending within 10 minutes. Many followers of Mr. Swamy expressed doubts over the loyalty of ACP Pradyuman. Half of them believed he is an American agent while the other half went with Pakistani agent theory.

When we contacted ACP Pradyuman for his reaction to these allegations by Subramanian Swamy, he said,”Iske dimaag me kuch to gadbad hai Daya, kuch to gadbad hai.”

As per Faking News sources, after ACP Pradyuman, Mr. Swamy will be seeking the exit of Dr. Mashoor Gulati of The Kapil Sharma Show for the poor standards of hospitals in the country.