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Outraged man can't tolerate selective outrage and rising intolerance inside Bigg Boss House, files PIL

03, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Veteran lawyer and social activist Brajesh Bambooraj has filed a public interest litigation in a session court against selective outrage and rising intolerance inside the Bigg Boss House.

Get ready to watch Bigg Boss minus the outrage
Get ready to watch Bigg Boss minus the outrage

He has alleged that participants not only outrage selectively but also that they are getting increasingly intolerant about small things such as other people drinking coffee two times in a day.

Talking to media-persons outside the court premises Mr. Bambooraj was very angry and spoke with utmost passion and said, “That day a participant named Suyyash accused another participant Aman of drinking coffee twice in a day. Is this the level of intolerance in the house? Poor Aman was sitting on the couch and was aghast after listening to the accusation. Sad that he is always accused of bad deeds when he is sitting on a couch. But I will not at all tolerate this high level of intolerance.”

After sipping a sugar-free red bull he calmed down and spoke further. “And let me ask why are all the BB9 participants always conspiring against poor girl Mandana? What has that cute girl done? Poor soul can’t even speak properly and yet everyone gangs up against her.

“Why this selective outrage towards her? Such selective outrage, outrages me against those select individuals who are indulging in such selective outrage. This is just outrageous. I am a man who hates outrage and intolerance, I just can’t tolerate such selective outrage,” Mr. Bambooraj’s pitch of voice went up towards the end as he got himself another serving of his favorite drink.

It is not yet clear whether owing to this PIL the Bigg Boss participants will be summoned to come out of the house and present themselves in the court or will a session-court Judge make a wild card entry into the Bigg Boss house and create history.

Mr. Bambooraj meanwhile is hoping that his efforts will lower the intolerance in the Big Boss’ house.