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Owaisi’s call for boycotting Salman Khan could hit Jai Ho’s business in Pakistan

24, Jan 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Film trade analysts have predicted that Salman Khan’s latest movie Jai Ho might not do brisk business in Pakistan, as Hyderabad (the Indian city) MP Asaduddin Owaisi has asked his supporters not to watch the movie.

Speaking in a public function, Owaisi, a TV symbol of secularism, had blasted Salman for flying kites with Narendra Modi and terming Modi a “good man”.

Aman ke farishtey

“What an idiot naachne gaanewala actor he is, who believes in the verdict of court. He doesn’t have any common sense,” Asaduddin Owaisi told this reporter, reiterating his earlier position on Salman Khan.

The AIMIM leader, who has good number of followers and sympathizers even across the border, was quite elated to hear trade analysts forecast.

“It’s a beginning of a new era of understanding between India and Pakistan, they will soon agree with everything we say,” he said.

However, analysts point out that there is little for Owaisi to cheer upon, as most of his Indian supporters are going to watch ‘Jai Ho’.

“You see, die hard Indian fans of Owaisi simply love illogical things, probably that’s why they support Owaisi. And they watch Salman movies for precisely the same reason,” explained trade analyst Taran Masand.

But sources close to Owaisi confirm that he is unperturbed by such reports. He is happy with love from Pakistan that he has received and hopeful that his future calls for boycotts and censorship will have wider impact.

Trade analysts further claim that while the collections might slump a little in Pakistan, Owaisi’s call could actually boost the collections in India.

“Many Indians who are not Salman fans  will now go and watch the movie, lest they are taunted as Owaisi supporters,” an analyst predicted.

Meanwhile Uttar Pradesh government has increased tax on Jai Ho’s ticket to collect money for Muzzafarnagar riots relief fund.