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Padman makers appeal to CBFC to change the name to Padmani, for free publicity and a good run at box office

08, Jan 2018 By RT

Mumbai. The makers of Padman have appealed to CBFC to change the name to Padmani, for free publicity and a good run at box office. CBFC currently is, and will remain as, the only legally privileged gender changing organisation in the country, it is learnt by Faking News.


The announcement of Padmavati becoming Padmavat had resulted in hundreds of jokes in the social media. One joke said, ‘Both Sanjay Leela Bansal and Prasoon Josh are happy about Padmavat, and they hope this compromise is acceptable to Narendra Mod and Rahul Gandh’. Another one said, ‘So Bhansali can now actually throw a party. Just that Whisky will be called ‘Whiska’ Vodka will be called ‘Vodki’ and so on’. And another one read ‘If Padman picks up the ‘i’ that Padmavat drops, they’ll have to call it ‘Padmani’.

It is from these jokes, the makers of Padman picked up the idea and immediately wrote to the CBFC, requesting a name change. The makers are almost very confident that outfits like Karni Sena will stage a country wide protest to generate unlimited publicity for the movie. When asked how would a name like Padmani be irritating for the Sena men, the makers simply laughed out loud and refused to comment further. Padmani sounds like Padmini and Sena is currently sidelined by people like Lalu. They will surely pick this up, reasoned the makers of the movie.

“Padmani sounds like Padmini, symbol of our pride. We will forego anything but our pride. We demand total ban of the movie or will unevenly cut off the hair of the lead actor or break portions of his teeth” the Sena had categorically threatened. The Padman team didn’t like immediate reaction in the social media which said, the lead actor’s hair mostly looks uncut and his teeth are already uneven, it is learnt by Faking News.

With so many movie makers asking for a name change along with the CBFC certificate, the organisation plans to charge a large amount of consultation fee the new service, it is learnt by Faking News.