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After Padmavati makers postpone release, Akshay Kumar starts making new movie to release it on 1st Dec

20, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The makers of the movie ‘Padmavati’ today deferred its release from the slated December 1, even as protests and threats over the period drama, which finds itself mired in a major controversy. But the postponement will not impact the usual business as Mr Khiladi has decided to make a movie in 10 days and release it on 1st December. Khiladi Kumar is known for his quick movie making with a no thrills and frills approach which makes the producers also happy as the shooting gets completed on time.


As soon as Akshay came to know that 1st December is freed up as no major movie is scheduled to release on that day, he called up his director friends to ask them to come up with some ideas which can be shot quickly. Neeraj Pandey, Sajid Khan and Vipul Shah were some of the makers who spoke to Akshay. Akshay has finalized the script and thge shooting starts today. Casting has been done based on which actors are free for the next 10 days. The shooting has to be completed in 7 days as Khiladi Kumar wants to keep 3-4 days for promotion. Khiladi has always completed his movies on time and viewers are sure that they will witness another gem from Akshay on 1st December.

Multiplex owners have personally congratulated Akki on this kind gesture as he is the only one in the industry who helps the distributors when they are going through a bad phase. The posters of the new Akki movie will start replacing the Padmavati posters from tomorrow and by the coming Monday Akki plans to launch the trailer as well. Like all his other movies , the editing will be taken care by Akki himself so that people get to see more of Akki in the film compared to other mediocre supporting actors who are part of this new film.