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Pahlaj Nihalani goes bald after asking his barber for too many cuts

11, Jun 2016 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: In breaking news today, Censor Board Chief, Pahlaj ‘Sankaari’ Nihalani went bald after a haircut in which he kept asking his barber to make more cuts. The haircut reportedly occurred around 8 PM yesterday in a hair salon near the Bandra society where Mr. Nihalani lives.

Pahlaj Nihalani before visiting the barber
Pahlaj Nihalani before visiting the barber

Talking about the incident, Tadapit Munde – Mr. Nihalani’s barber for the day – said, “I do not know what Nihalani bhau wanted. He kept asking me to ‘cut more’ whenever I would finish the haircut. Ultimately I picked up a shear and shaved him bald. It was only then did he stop asking me to ‘cut more’ of his hair. Ganja hee karna tha to pehle bol dete… itna time khasti nahin karta.

“I asked him several times if I should stop but he kept saying ‘aur kato, sab as per guidelines hona chahiye‘. What could I do?” questioned the barber.

Mr. Nihalani was seen greeting people at his residence, claiming that his new look was even more ‘sanskaari’ than before. Filmmakers meanwhile wondered if having taken out his “censorship tendencies” on his hair, Mr. Nihalani would advise lesser cuts for movies.

Even Mr. Nihalani’s maid servant, who failed to recognize the censor chief, was shocked with the bald look. “When I opened the door I saw a bald man standing who said he was Pahlaj Nihalani. But I didn’t let him in. It was only after he showed his Aadhar card did I realize that it was indeed Pahlaj saheb,” said Gangu bai the maid servant.