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Pahlaj Nihalani objects to trailer of Dhoni’s biopic, says ‘Dhoni’s hair too long in the trailer, need to be cut’

12, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Censor board Chief Pahlaj Nihalani seems to be courting controversy once again. His latest target is the trailer of Dhoni’s biopic that was shared on social media yesterday.

Scene not suitable for kids
Scene not suitable for kids

Apparently, Mr. Nihalani intends to use his scissors on Dhoni’s hair which he feels are long and need to be trimmed. “He is the captain of the Indian cricket team, many youngsters emulate him. What example is he setting for the youngsters with his long hair?” he questioned.

“Long hair would come across as bad influence on young viewers and we will be forced to give an ‘A’ certificate to the movie,” Mr. Nihalani warned.

Producers of the movie are treading cautiously after news of the censor board chief’s diktat was revealed in the media.

“I think it is unfair. We want the movie to be as realistic as possible. MS Dhoni did have long hair in his intitial days as captain and we would like to show it that way,” said the producer.

There were also talks of a legal recourse similar to Udta Punjab in case the movie got an Adults Only certificate.