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Pahlaj Nihalani requests Prasoon Joshi to censor sanitary pads in Padman

26, Jan 2018 By itsmihir1993

Former Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani was sacked despite his continuous efforts to protect the Indian culture of patriarchy. However, it didn’t deter him from approaching his successor, Prasoon Joshi, to suggest censoring sanitary pads in nationalist Akshay Kumar’s upcoming flick, Padman.


The former CBFC chief, who remained in news throughout his tenure for all the wrong reasons, has once again proved that he cares for the country the most by hinting that women do not deserve a place here. Reports suggest that Nihalani did not just ask Joshi to censor sanitary pads in the film, he also torched Joshi’s car for clearing the film’s name without removing ‘pad’ from the title. According to him, mentioning ‘pad’ in the title harms the Indian culture of misogyny and rapes and gives women a right to express herself.

Further investigations revealed that Nihalani torched Joshi’s car to impress members of the Rajput Karni Sena. Explaining the destructive move, he said, “How can the filmmaker show sanitary pads in the film? I understand that the film is about sanitary pads, but at least the CBFC could have censored the pads before clearing the film. Looking at the title of the film. I feel ashamed to spell it out BC.” Having been sacked from the CBFC, Nihalani is considering to join Karni Sena, where he intends to meet a ton of unemployed people like him.

Meanwhile, lead actor Akshay Kumar has expressed his disappointment due to Nihalani’s interference in Padman. He was found seemingly upset on the sets while shooting his 70th film of the year. “I will have to release another nationalistic video before the release of Padman to raise awareness about women rights. I believe that after the film’s release, the problem will be solved until my next film, where I will release another video,” he said.