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Panama leaks reveal Kamaal R Khan's offshore account with 2 rupees in it

10, Apr 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Mumbai: An investigation carried out by Faking News has revealed that even superstar Kamaal R Khan had an offshore account in Panama with 2 rupees in it. This explosive discovery was made after Faking News team examined the documents revealed during Panama leaks.

KRK protecting his 2 Rs account with 2 guns

For those living in a cave, the #PanamaLeaks or Panama Papers are a massive leak of tax documents on offshore companies and accounts of the rich and the powerful from the database of Mossack Fonseca, world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm.

Kamaal R Khan, or KRK, the ace Bollywood star and India’s leading movie critic is well known for calling celebrities and others that he despises as “2 rupees people”.

Before making it public, The Faking News investigation team, led by ACP Pradhyuman, has meticulously investigated this finding for eight months over large quantities of beer and chakhna till their bosses found them sloshed at a Mumbai dance bar.

Delhi CM and Bollywood enthusiast Arvind Kejriwal, who KRK often mocks as a terrible movie critic, immediately asked for  an investigation into KRK’s 2 rupees account. “The Government should spend as much as it takes to bring such tax evaders to book,” he thundered. He even criticized PM Modi for being silent on such a critical issue.

Some fringe Indian Right Wing organizations called KRK “anti-national” and asked him to go to Pakistan. Surprisingly, even Pakistan welcomed the statement as the 2 rupees will significantly add to their GDP.

The legend himself wasn’t affected much by the discovery. “Kiss to Panama, Kick to Faking News for their investigation”, tweeted the superstar late last night.

Meanwhile, rumours are circulating in Bollywood that producers of Bombay Velvet, who have been repeatedly mocked by KRK on twitter, may have created the account in KRK’s name to defame the legend.