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Panic strikes among Gunda fans as Action Jackson threatens to surpass its epicness

08, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. It seems 1998 released Mithun Chakraborty starrer epic Gunda is finally going to lose its cult status to newly released Ajay Devgan starrer Action Jackson.

Going by the way moviegoers and critics are reacting to this Prabhu Deva directed film, it seems it could soon come in the league of Gunda and may even outshine it in future.

This has created a panic like situation among million hardcore fans of Gunda, especially engineering students with huge backlog of pending projects, who have stormed social networking sites demanding immediate boycott of the film.

These fans claim that there were so many similarities in terms of dialogues and scenes in the film that many of them stopped counting after first 10 minutes.

Comparisons are inevitable.
Comparisons are inevitable.

“Newcomer Manasvi Magmai’s scene, where she is being sexually assaulted, but still gets turned on by Devgan’s shirtless torso, is a scene that even Gunda couldn’t boast of,” honestly confessed a terrified Gunda fan.

“Sonakshi Sinha’s character’s desperation to see Ajay Devgan’s character in underwear time and again, is something that can put the likes of Ibu Hatelas, Lamboo Attas, and Bullas to shame. And Ajay Devgan not being one bit embarrassed to mouth ‘Pant Utaarte Hi Saamne Aaa Jaati Hai’ in reply, is the kind of dialogues that only Kanti Shah could have thought of,” continued the fan who is finding it really tough to stop himself from switching his allegiance from Gunda to Action Jackson.

However there are still large number of fans who are confident enough that Gunda will sail through these challenging times.

“Gunda has stood the test of the time, and survived against all those films that threatened to take away the place it made for itself with blessings from Prabhuji. I mean look at the names of characters in Action Jackson, except for the name of the movie, none of the names have even 1% of the creativity that Gunda had,” pointed out a proud Gunda fan.

“Comparing Gunda with Action Jackson is an insult to cinema lovers and their judgment,” he added.

However, some suspect that Ajay Devgan is working on some secret mission.

“First there was RGV ki Aag, then Himmatwala, and now Action Jackson,” a film critic told Faking News, “The progression is obvious. He is planning to dislodge Gunda.”