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Paper used in Sanjay Dutt-made bags turns out to be Justice Katju's mercy plea

05, Jun 2013 By diggyleaks

Pune. In a shocking discovery, it has been found that the pieces of paper used by Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt for making paper-bags while serving the jail sentence, are actually those on which Justice Markandey Katju wrote his famous mercy pleas.

Copies of those pleas, submitted to the President, the Prime Minister, and the Home Minister of India, as well as to the Governor and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, apart from those sent to various media houses, are now being put to use with Sanjay Dutt beautifully carving them into paper-bags.

Justice Katju
“Why should he (Sanjay Dutt) be making paper bags when he can make movies?” Justice Katju protested when asked for comments.

This fact came into light when this correspondent, just out of curiosity unfolded the paper-bag after emptying the Jhala Mudi contained in it, and read the matter printed on it. This prompted Faking News to re-approach the Jhala Mudi vendor to inquire the whereabouts of the paper-bags seller from whom the former had bought these bags.

On being approached, the paper-bag seller, on condition of anonymity, confirmed to FN that he had bought the bags in wholesale from Yerawada Jail. Once shown the mysterious paper-bags, our sources in Yerawada jail confirmed that these pieces were some examples of fine art by their most famous inmate, Sanjay Dutt.

Further investigations revealed that the papers used by Yerawada inmates in crafting work were purchased from a national level scrap dealer who was a regular customer of dustbinned material from some of the most important offices of India, such as those at Raisina Hill, 7 Race Course, and North Block.

“I get a lot of raddi and scrap from these offices, especially when the Parliament is in session or some protest is going on at Jantar Matar,” the scrap dealer confirmed.

Meanwhile Yerawada jail officials have clarified that the whole incident was merely a coincident and need not be taken seriously, though they could finally figure out why Sanjay Dutt had exploded with cuss words when he was given the raw material to make the paper-bags.

“Finally Justice Katju’s letters proved to be of some help to Sanju Baba,” a jail official quipped.