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Parenting ability questioned seeing a 3-year old kid playing at home, not going for singing or dancing classes

13, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: A couple who recently shifted to a posh locality in Bengaluru are facing multiple challenges to ‘adjust’. Though they expected few challenges which was kind of known to them, but last thing they would have expected, their ‘parenting’ ability will be questioned after neighbors saw their 3-year old son still playing at home, not going for any ‘other’ activity which is very much mandatory at this young age.

While speaking to us, Mrs. Athira, mother of 3-year- old Vivan said, “We are here for more than a month, except our maid and security person hardly anyone had noticed us or smiled at us. Thought, being a new place, let me throw some party where Vivan will get a chance to meet some kids and would be happy to play with them”.

“Few turned up, but they did not like the ‘snacks’ I was offering. It was made by me, they were looking for branded options like Dominos or Burger King. When they saw Vivan roaming around in a tri-cycle, asked me which school does he go and what are the other activities he has enrolled? They were literally shocked when I told them Vivan is not doing much other than playing at home”, said Mrs. Athira. Mrs. Athira added, “After that I was kind of waiter for them. The parents started talking among themselves how their kid is doing good after they joined some singing, dances or abacus classes. Even parents of Vivan’s age were talking how they are running out of time, what all coaching they must be enrolled soon to crack IIT, Olympiad or NTSE examinations. When Vivan asked other kids to play hide and seek, parents told NO, instead asked them to play scrabble”. “From their behavior, it was apparent, Vivan would not be the kind of kid they would like their kids to mingle with. One of the neighbor while leaving told how she faced similar issues when she came their two years back. She shared couple of counsellors contact names who can ‘upgrade’ my parenting skills quickly”, said Mrs. Athira who went inside to play hide and seek with Vivan.