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Paris Hilton shocked to see pirated copies of her sex tape selling in Mumbai

24, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. On her maiden visit to India and to the city, socialite and international celebrity Paris Hilton was shocked to see pirated copied of her famous sex tape1 Night in Paris” being sold at throwaway prices. Hilton has officially lodged a complaint with Maharashtra state government and has asked for immediate confiscation of all the pirated CDs and a suitable compensation for the financial losses incurred by her.

“She saw some copied being sold at Heera Panna shopping center at Haji Ali, where she had gone to pay tribute at the dargah,” informed a member of her entourage, “This blatant violation of ethical business practices came as a rude surprise to her, but she was shocked beyond belief when she realized that photos of some other Indian looking women were also pasted on the cover to attract attention of potential buyers.”

Paris Hilton
Internet traffic monitoring companies confirm that there has been a sudden increase in download frequency of Paris Hilton’s sex tape. Most downloads were sought from Indian IPs. The trend is believed to continue for the next few days till she is in India.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the local shopkeeper had pasted pictures of some Bollywood actresses on the VCD cover to make it “more attractive”. A local buyer of the tape, on conditions of anonymity, confirmed seeing the face of Rakhi Sawant on one of the pirated copies, though he vehemently denied having bought the VCD due to that “addition” by the seller.

“She realized that it was a great insult to her beauty and personality and she immediately called up the Home Minister of Maharashtra to lodge her complaint,” the personal secretary of Paris Hilton told Faking News.

Sources inform that RR Patil, the Home Minister of Maharashtra, initially tried to play down the incident by telling Hilton that “such small things keep happening in big cities”.

This infuriated Hilton, who threatened to take up the issue with Sharad Pawar, who is Patil’s boss and is rumored to be in negotiations with Hilton’s father to buy a substantial stake in Hilton Hotels.

Fearing the wrath of his boss, Patil cordially invited Hilton for a cup of coffee at his house to discuss the issue in detail. Unconfirmed sources suggest that Patil even ordered a copy to the VCD to understand the issue at hand.

The meeting between Patil and Hilton was going on at the time of this report being filed, but sources suggest that Hilton is seeking damages based on financial losses incurred due to sale of the pirated copies and a compensation for defamation for having her photo printed alongside Rakhi Sawant’s.

Meanwhile Faking News correspondent was beaten up by Hilton’s bodyguards early today when he asked the heiress if she was willing to release a brand new sex tape exclusively for her Indian fans.