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Paul the Octopus to star in Swayamvar season 3 reality show

12, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Imagine TV, which got Rahul Mahajan married and Rakhi Sawant almost married through its marriage reality show Swayamvar, has announced that the third season of the show will feature now world famous Paul the Octopus. Although it’s not yet clear if Paul would get married on the show or help a participant choose his/her better half, the news has created a sensation around the world.

“He is definitely more marriageable than both Rahul and Rakhi. He has so many qualities – he is intelligent, popular, honest, wanted, brave, and can make a lot of money. I’m sure a lot of girls and even boys would want to marry him.” said Sarah, a fan of Paul, who hoped that it would be Paul, who’d actually be getting married on the show.

Earlier, rumors were afoot that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh or Vivek Oberoi could star in Swayamvar season 3. But with Dhoni married and other two advised to rather concentrate on their professional careers, there doesn’t seem to be any candidate for the televised marriage show. Nevertheless, it’s not ruled out that Paul could just help in choosing a life-partner for some celebrity.

“After we witnessed the kind of criteria adopted in the earlier seasons to select a person for getting married, I guess Paul can any day make a better informed choice.” said Nishant, who favored Paul helping a human celebrity choose a life partner on television.

Paul's wedding
Paul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega?

But most of the fans favor Paul selecting a partner for himself on the show and getting married in the process.

“I’m sick of these human celebrity weddings, they are anyway for television. If it’s not Paul getting married, I am not watching the show.” Sarah said.

Although the representatives of Imagine TV have refused to divulge the details, sources inform that the television channel is now seriously exploring the possibilities of an Octopus wedding, and late night consultations with lawyers and brand managers are expected to take place today.

“Although Paul is just over two-and-half years, the Child Marriage Act would not be applicable in this case, as he is neither Indian nor human, and technically he is in his middle-ages because the average life-expectancy of an Octopus is below five years.” Ram Jhoothmalani, a leading lawyer said.

But Mr. Jhoothmalani refused to specify if Indian law could allow marriage between a human and an animal.

“Let them (the television channel) hire me for my services to know that.” he said.

But other legal experts believe that such marriages could take place in India as they were not explicitly outlawed by the constitution.

“Earlier a man had married a dog, and even a celebrity like Aishwarya Rai had married a tree first before marrying Abhishek Bachchan.” argued a lawyer in Bombay High Court.

“If there are no religious or gotra issues, I think this marriage can take place in India.” he added.