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People jumping out of windows in Bollywood movies, exactly land on car roofs in 95% of cases: Study

18, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Chhattisgarh: A landmark study at Banshee-das Institute of Actuarial Sciences (BIAS) has found that people jumping out of windows in Bollywood movies often tend to land exactly on the roof of the car parked beneath the window.

Bollywood actor landing exactly on the car
Bollywood actor landing exactly on the car

The car glasses then burst out due to high inertia impact of the falling body which gives a blast like effect rendering the sharp dramatic edge to the scene, often required in Bollywood.

“Not even an inch to the right, not even an inch to the left, the body falling out of windows just doesn’t make a mistake. It exactly lands on the roof,” confirmed senior research scientist Coleen Kaur Chaddha.

Coleen who has done her masters at a famous but unknown university in Canada is now pursuing her PhD in Bollywood drama at BIAS. She was one of the top scores in BAT (BIAS Aptitude test) and also received a 200$ scholarship per semester at BIAS.

Coleen shared few more details about her research. She said, “After I was back from Canada, Daddy ji told me to go for further studies. I said I wanted stay in my country and work for its welfare. Hence the PhD on Bollywood.”

“I initially started to analyze Sajid Khan’s movies but after finding no logic in them whatsoever I turned on to KJo movies. And my research shows they are very logical, authentic and above all they celebrate the sensuality of men in a way no one has ever done before,” Coleen concluded. She then started to play the song ‘Mahi ve’ from KHNH on her pink  iPod giving a glimpse of an innocent research scholar enjoying her work.

Coleen’s research guide Professor Jasjeet Jaggi accepted the lack of novelty in Coleen’s research topic but gave her full marks on the commitment aspect. He said, “Being a girl she likes all romantic movies, but she is a good observer of all genres. She analyzes the tooth length of vampires in Ramsay movies; counts number of candles used in steamy sex scenes in raunchy movies, calculates the positivity quotient of all characters in Suraj Barjatya movies, and estimates the weight of rocket launchers picked by Sunny paaji in action movies and what not.”

“She was even able to calculate in how many pieces Jackie dada broke the bottle in that Devdas song. She has understood Bollywood in it’s entirely and embraces it with its imperfections. In a nutshell she is a true student of Actuarial sciences and Cinema, like I was,” Prof. Jaggi concluded.