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People who watched Befikre to be given five 100 Rs notes each from PM relief fund

12, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Prime Minister’s office has announced today that everyone who was unfortunate enough to see the recently released film Befikre will be provided immediate relief by the government. 5 notes of 100 Rupee denomination will be issued to everyone affected by the film.

“Humein bhi milenge 5 sau sau ke note”

Befikre released to empty cinema halls last Friday but some people still managed to see it and since then, they have been in a state of trauma. The attack on their minds and souls has alarmed even the Center Government. As per expert psychologists, sight of 100 Rupee notes is the most pleasing sight in the country right now and government has decided to use these notes to get these people out of shock.

“This government is very sensitive to the pain of common people and when so many of our own are in distress, how can we not help them? Ok it is their mistake that they went to see this film but it is only human to make mistakes. We can’t leave them high and dry just because they bought a movie ticket, their mental health is still our concern”, a PMO official told Faking News.

“Initially we thought about giving them 10,000 Rs in new 2000 Rs notes but then someone reminded us that 2000 Rupee note is giving even more stress to people due to lack of change. That is when we started focusing on the change and figured out that 5 notes of 100 Rs might be the best thing for these guys”, the official added.

The government has clarified that everyone claiming this relief must have sat through the entire movie. Every claim will be checked with CCTV footage from outside the cinema halls and those running out of cinema halls after 5 minutes will not be eligible.