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Person misses office after no one wakes him up with updates of next leaked episode of GoT as the season ends

29, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Game of Thrones Season 7 and its sad saga of leaks did make it quite a challenge for law-abiding fans not to opt for the pirated versions floating all over their social feeds. But still there were many like Harneet Ahuja who were not able to keep their hands off the leaked episodes. In fact the only way Harneet used to wake up on Tuesdays since last 2 months was when a friend called him to update about the next leaked episode.


And finally the big day arrived. Harneet who had not missed office since last one year finally had to apply leave for one day when he din’t wake up at his scheduled time today morning. As you know that the Game Of Thrones season 7 ended yesterday putting a lid on any leaked episodes till 2019, most people were seen showing some GoT withdrawal syndromes today in major offices. Well, Harneet was the lucky one as he din’t make it to the office. Harneet’s best friend Jagdish had been bestowed upon the task of making all information about leaked episodes available to Harneet on Tuesday mornings. But as the season ended yesterday, Jagdish was left with no further information, and Harneet was left with no other alternative than to miss office without any reason.

GoT next season is scheduled to arrive in 2019 which is a pretty long time given its mass following and cascading effect among the Indian audience. In fact most of the offices were quite quiet today as employees din’t have anything to discuss about. HR managers across the city had a tough time keeping the employees motivated today, some even telecasting the old episodes on a big screen.