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Person who started watching news debates to improve his oratory skills finally becomes a professional wrestler

01, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Indian TV reporters don’t report the news as much as they sensationalize it. Poor copy writing skills do their bit to add to the volume. Rather than the axiomatic ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, TV reporters seem to believe that a picture needs a thousand, preferably emotional, words. And the news debates add fuel to the fire, a fire which is created by these news channels themselves. In a shocking incident where a student started watching news debates to improve his oratory skills learnt so many wrestling moves, that he finally became a professional wrestler.


Sanil Jain has been a news follower ever since his childhood days, and his dream of getting admission into a top b-school has brought him more closer to news channels as part of his preparation for group discussions and current affairs. Sanil started watching each and every news debate on prime time television to gain more tips about public speaking and discussion etiquette. At first he was enjoying the process, slowly but surely he did realized that this was not something he had enrolled for. People shouting at top of their voices, anchors threatening the panelists, panelists using their hands to stop others from speaking, using physicality to instill fear in the minds of other panelists, these were the new nuances about news debates which took Sanil by surprise. But Sanil did realize the fact that this maybe the modern way of debating. So he kept on learning the nuances patiently.

It was only after his parents noticed the sudden desire in him to hit people and injure them that they realized Sanil has all skills required to become a professional wrestler. He was enrolled into a wrestling Akhada and soon rose up the ranks to become a professional wrestler. Soon he will be participating in the olympic qualification round to book a berth for the 2020 Olympics. Thanks to all the news channels for giving us a medal hope.