Person watching WAR tweets 'Rescue us from War', Army mistakenly reaches border

02, Oct 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Tt’s not every day that two of Bollywood’s most popular stars – Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan – come together for a film. And when they do, it’s nothing less than a spectacle. Or at least, that’s what Bollywood has to say. Viewers have a mixed response as many did not like the new Yashraj movie.


Sanil Jain, a Mumbai based movie fan went for the morning show with his family and tweeted from the movie hall after 30 minutes of the movie ‘Rescue us from War’. The tweet went viral as people thought Pakistan has atatcked and soon Army came into action and sent a big troop to the borders. It was after analyzing the area and combing operation did they find it was about the movie ‘war’ and not the actual one.

Army nowadays is alert as situation between India and Pakistan is on an all time low and they have to respond quickly. Sanil, meanwhile was rescued by the local Mumbai police who also rescued 150 other people trapped inside the hall watching ‘War’.

First aid was given to all viewers by showing them good movies like ‘Andhadhun’, and ‘Badhai Ho’. These movies work as excellent first aid after the internal injuries caused by thrash movies.