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Police lob tear gas shells in Gujarat to disperse crowd, Aamir Khan starts crying in Mumbai

27, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan today unexpectedly started crying after tear gas shells were used by Gujarat Police to disperse crowd.

Aamir Khan finding it difficult to control his tears after tear gas shells were lobbed in Gujarat
Aamir Khan finding it difficult to control his tears after tear gas shells were lobbed in Gujarat

Speaking to Faking News Aamir said, “I had no clue why tears were rolling down my cheeks. I mean on previous occasions I had a reason to cry. But today I couldn’t explain why my eyes were filled with tears. I wasn’t even feeling emotional. Then someone told me that it could probably be because police in Gujarat lobbed tear gas shells. The gas must have traveled from Gujarat to Mumbai,” he said trying hard to hold back his tears.

Wife Kiran Rao was seen frantically calling up their family doctor just in case Aamir needed medical help.

Domestic help of Aamir Khan spoke to our reporter and said, “Aamir saab was crying since morning and no one knew why. We take great care to ensure that he doesn’t cry. In fact onions are banned in the house, as a precautionary measure.”

Friends of the actor called up to find out as to what led to the tears. “I have seen him cry on many occasions but this time it was different as no one could understand the cause till we saw it on news. The poor guy is so sensitive that even visuals on TV triggered his tears,” said a bollywood celeb and close friend of the actor.

Meanwhile, cops in Gujarat have apologized to Aamir Khan for the inconvenience cause due to the tear gas.

“We were not aware that Mr. Khan was so sensitive. Our intention was not to cause inconvenience to him, all we wanted to do was control the crowd. But we have taken cognizance of Aamir Khans tear problems and will be more careful in future. Probably we will give him intimation next time before lobbing tear gas shells, so that he can take necessary precaution,” said Gujarat Police Chief.