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Political Pundits and analysts start focusing on Bigg Boss after they failed to correctly predict Gujarat assembly Election result.

20, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar
Unlike any other Monday, this Monday was much different. People were not reluctant to get up early and they not only got up early but also took bath and started praying for their favorite political party. Initial trends suggested Congress victory that later changed to BJP’s victory, ultimately BJP managed to retain power in Gujarat. Earlier, Political analysts had predicted 2/3rd majority for BJP.
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Reportedly, none of them could predict the results accurately. The most credible and leading public opinion polling company, Today’s Chankya had predicted anything between 125 and 146 seats for BJP.
After failing to predict results accurately analysts have now moved to Lonavala where they’ll be focusing on Bigg Boss results. Bigg Boss result will be declared in next three weeks hence all the public opinion polling companies have started giving opinion poll.
We spoke to the most famous political pundit , Pravin Patil. Pravin Patil said “I don’t have any statistics with me right now but I strongly believe that winner is either Vikas or Shilpa. Modi has been promoting Vikas and infact after winning the Gujarat and Himachal he gave a new slogan “Jeetega bhai jeetega, Vikas hi jeetega”.
Pravin gave many points to strengthen his argument. He said even though many average people get selected in Bigg Boss but the producer and voters make sure that people with higher integrity win the show. Hina Khan, Akash, Love, Arshi and Punish have been involved in one or other wrong doings like abusing others, physically harming other, wasting food. Bigg Boss history says that never have such contestants won the show. So I think it’s either Vikas or Shilpa.
Congress has rejected the opinion poll, Congress spokesperson Priyank Chaturvedi said, “In Bihar election also they said Vikas is winning but the results were different”. While BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said “There’s Modi wave all around and in Bigg Boss too, hence, Vikas will win.”
Vikas or Shilpa or anyone else? After wrongly predicting Gujarat elections, Psephologists have Bigg Boss to save their dropping credibility. To know more keep reading Faking News.