Politician who had faked injury to rest in hospital requests court to shift him to jail after watching Big Boss on hospital TV

01, Oct 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. On the first day of Bigg Boss 13, the housemates woke up after hearing the loud snoring of Sidhharth Dey. Later in the day, they all complained about Asim Riaz’s habit of speaking only English in the house, after which Koena Mitra sympathized with him and told him that the other contestants were only teasing him. Big Boss had many other irritating moments and it affected some politicians who werte resting in hospitals after faking chest pain and other injuries.


Shwetank Malik, an MLA from UP who is fighting corruption charges and is in hospital for treatment, has sent a request letter to the court asking to be shifted to jail. This happened yesterday after he watched Big Boss on Hospital TV. The hospital, in fact, did not have any other channels on their TV and it was only Big Boss playing all around. Shwetank felt the pain while watching. He tried to bear it for 1 Hour but it was too much to take.

The court verdict is still not out on the case and there are chances that Shwetank will have to stay in the hospital itself as his fake injury reports are so real that court thinks he is too weak to be transferred to jail. Acivists are demanding making Big Boss mandatory in all hospitals so that no politician would ever want to go there.