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Popcorn and cold drinks prices scarier than Conjuring 2

15, Jun 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: A survey carried out across the multiplexes in the city of Mumbai has revealed that moviegoers are finding the popcorn and cold drinks prices scarier than the horror film Conjuring 2. Eating popcorn and sipping cold drink during movies is a long held tradition that may soon disappear as the prices are scaring the general public.

Can you afford them?

The Conjuring 2 released in cinemas last Friday but as per the industry experts, the movie is scaring the people less than the prices of popcorn and cold drinks outside.

Faking News spoke to Anurag Bhat, an avoid movie buff, who s aid, “The moment I heard about the sequel to Conjuring, I knew I had to watch the late night show and then walk home through a deserted road to prove that nothing scares me. I bought the ticket, entered the multiplex and decided to buy some popcorn and cold drink to go with the movie but I was not prepared for what I saw. Those prices scared the living daylights out of me man. Insane!”

Anurag wasn’t the only one scarred by the experience of buying popcorns at a multiplex, another film lover Jyothika said speaking to Faking News ,”I was enjoying the movie without any problem. Even when people around me screamed a bit and started chanting hanuman Chalisa, I kept my calm. But then, I stepped out to buy a tub of popcorn and I am not kidding, I shrieked in fear the moment I ehard the price. Are they making them out of Gold these days?”

Meanwhile, SBI is thinking about starting a retail division called ‘Popcorn and Cold Drink loan division’ to provide loans to people looking to go watch a film with their families.