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Porn star Jenna Jameson poses in clothes to protect animal rights

08, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Las Vegas, USA. Renowned and respected porn star Jenna Jameson has surprised everyone by posing fully dressed, covered from head to toe in clothes, to send out a strong signal to the world against cruelty to animals. Jameson wore fur to highlight the plight of animals that are killed by human beings to cover themselves. The event was organized by FALTU (Fur And Leather Things Unlawful) activists.

“I wanted to show how meaningless it was to have fur on your body. Our society appreciates if you show your own skin, so what’s the point of showing animal skin on your flesh? I am confident that people would take notice and stop wearing fur from now on.” Jenna told Faking News.

Jenna had reportedly left the porn industry and experts believe that such acts are aimed at image makeover
Jenna had reportedly left the porn industry and experts believe that such acts are aimed at image makeover

Jenna might be confident, but experts are not sure if people would take notice. This is first time when someone has posed in fur to oppose wearing fur. The accepted norm has been to go nude or at least semi-nude.

“Jenna wore a very ordinary fur and it actually covered almost every part of her body. I’m not sure if people would appreciate such stunts. They should have consulted a fashion designer before organizing the event. I have helped people fight threats like AIDS, cancer, communalism and terrorism, there’s no reason why I can’t help people fight for animal rights.” leading designer Kapda Kapadia said.

But FALTU activists claim that the event struck the right chord with the masses and it was the most important step ever taken to protect animal rights.

“Many women have been posing nude or covered in lettuce for quite a long time now. Some of them painted their boy and caged themselves as well, but it hardly helped the animals. In fact it only helped voyeur men who enjoyed such photographs. Our motive was to shock these guys, who’d now surely hate fur for covering up stuff they always wanted to see.” FALTU spokesperson claimed.

FALTU is planning to stage similar protests all across the world to help animal rights, and are currently seeking the help of a woman celebrity in India who could pose completely in clothes. Our sources confirm that they are facing a lot of resistance and rejections to their proposal.