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Press reporters found carrying list of general knowledge questions to troll Alia Bhatt

02, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. In a press conference of Alia Bhatt regarding her upcoming movie Shaandar, most of the press reporters reached carrying list of general knowledge questions, current affairs magazines, and the Manorama Yearbook.

It happened a day after Alia, in her answer to “Who was the CM of Maharashtra?”, mentioned the name of Prithviraj Chavan, unaware that he had resigned a few days earlier.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt passing time as reporters were busy finding toughest question from the list.

Inspired by the reporter who tried to test Alia’s status of general knowledge because Sensex depends on it, reporters present at the press meet were pretty much prepared to help the country and markets.

“Now that it’s clear that Alia has no idea about Maharashtra CM, it’s time to move on and find out what more she is hiding from us,” said Vicky, a Bollywood reporter from a leading newspaper, adding that when it comes to Alia, readers are more interested in her general awareness rather than her love affairs, candid pictures, or upcoming movies.

Vicky showed us a list of 10 questions, which he claimed were from the question paper of this year’s UPSC prelims. “Even if I ask two to three questions from this list, I will be able to write at least a 400-word article,” Vicky told Faking News.

Reporters have been instructed by their bosses, to not waste time by asking any irrelevant questions and stick to current affairs.

“It’s not like we are doing this just for content. We are watching her carefully and are determined to take her towards the path of knowledge. By regularly testing her general awareness, we are also helping her become a better citizen, which in turn will help in nation building,” Vicky explained reasons behind their act.

“We have moved on from covering cleavage show,” he added.

As the press conference progressed, Alia ducked most of the questions, which left reporters satisfied and sad at the same time.

“It’s such a sad state of affairs that a 21 years old girl doesn’t know answer to basic questions,” said another reporter, while happily informing his boss that Alia was showing no sign of improvement, “Now I have to write a piece on this, the country needs to be saved.”

However, smartly capitalizing on her well known general unawareness, Alia tried to slip in her upcoming movie name in reply to few questions. Like on being asked “What was the impact of Quit India Movement on freedom struggle?”, she said, “Shaandar”.