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Prime Minister’s office has contacted Imtiaz Ali to suggest next 3 foreign visits for PM Modi

09, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Imtiaz Ali’s world is drastically different from what’s offered to us by other filmmakers. His movies are but direct interpretations of life on screen only, he frequently showcases the innate human desire to travel far & wide; and he showcases it god-damn-well. Most of his films were well received, the exception obviously being Harry Met Sejal. But his urge for travelling has gone down well with the Prime Minister’s office. He has been contacted to be the Travelling consultant of PM Modi.


After the disaster, that is Harry Met Sejal , Imtiaz surely will have lot of time on his hand to decide upon his next movie. Producers will not be willing to put money soon enough for his upcoming projects. And this scenario is pretty much exactly what the prime minister’s office wanted. They want Imtiaz to select the next 3 destinations where PM should travel for developing good relations with the current regimes at the respective locations. Imtiaz has been the master of finding out hidden gems through his movies, and he has to do the same for the PM.

The Prime Minister’s office has in fact given him a list of countries which the PM has already been to, to avoid any duplicate visits. Imtiaz has been given a time line of one week to respond with the best 3 destinations, after which the PM will decide if he is capable enough to be a consultant for a longer time frame. Imtiaz, meanwhile thinks that this is an opportunity for him to take a break from movie making and explore the world again, but people in India are actually worried, because every time Imtiaz goes out to explore the world, he comes up with an Idea to make a movie, which the audience don’t want at least for next year or two, after the disaster named Harry Met Sejal.