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Primetime viewer sues Arnab Goswami after newshour debate rips off his sub-woofer

28, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai. A news lover from Prabhadevi had to face an electronic loss after well-known decibel dandy and news debater Arnab Goswami yelled abnormally on the panelists for dodging his questions.

Ashwin, a news aficionado and wannabe Twitter celebrity had switched on his television minutes before 9 PM to enjoy Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs till the time news-hour started. No one would have imagined the impending plight for having kept the woofer mode on, as Ashwin continued to watch the debate.

“Ashwin’s sub-woofer before and after the news-hour debate.”

Arnab had invited the ruminating professor Kamal Shatru Chenoy on his show and was asking him rapid fire questions at a speed of two questions every five seconds while Shatru kept chewing his gum. Apparently irritated over Shatru for dodging and ignoring his questions, Arnab shouted, “Mister Kamal Shatru Chenoy! Don’t you dodge my questions! ” at 120 decibels. This is believed to have blown Ashwin’s newly purchased sub-woofer system into pieces.

Our reporters requested Ashwin for a picture of the sub-woofer before and after. Here’s how it looked.

Ashwin was so agitated that he has reportedly requested Dr. Subramanian Swamy to file a PIL in the Supreme Court for putting anger management controls in place for television debates. Meanwhile, he has filed a separate FIR against Arnab Goswami for causing damage to his newly purchased sub-woofer. This is the first time an FIR has been lodged for a physical damage done by a radio wave broadcast.

Sources say Ashwin has made up his mind to ask for a brand new home theater system along with a sum of 20 lakh rupees. Many fear that despite so many allegations against Arnab, he might invite Ashwin to the studios for a fresh debate with #20LakhForNothing as hash-tag.