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Producer fires music director for not including remix of any 90s song in the album

08, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Ever heard of Old is gold. The same principle applies here. The music directors today are the new generation youngsters who want quick fame and money. They don’t want to put as much efforts. But this has caused havoc for people who are ready to put in efforts. Recently a music director named Priyatam put in extra efforts and delivered some original tracks for a big banner movie. But instead of appreciation, all he got was a firing letter from his producer who blasted him for not including any remix on 90s song in the album.


Priyatam has a classical training in music and has never taken short cuts in delivering good numbers. And he did the same while composing songs for Taran Johar’s upcoming family drama. Priyatam got best of the lyrics, composed 5 different songs, each of a different genre and delivered the full album to Taran on Monday. Taran listened to it and got irritated by the fact that there was no 90s remixed song in the album. Taran lost his temper at the young music director and explained him the importance of taking short cuts in Bollywood.

In fact just before Priyatam was about to say ‘Aap apni naukri rakhlo, mein apna attitude rakh leta hu‘, he was fired, fired in full public view. Taran explained his team members that there was no chance of confusion as he had clearly mentioned during his discussion with Priyatam that he wanted ‘original remixes’ for his film, not ‘original songs’. He has even planned to sue Priyatam for taking the signing amount, wasting 2 months in creating original songs which are of no use to him anymore. Priyatam meanwhile is still looking for a job, but it seems difficult to get one as he has no knowledge of creating remixes.