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Producer Pahlaj Nihalani clarifies that the girl in Julie 2 poster is a boy under the bikini

07, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

Former CBFC Chairman and Producer-Distributor Pahlaj Nihalani came under the scanner of the media during the poster launch event of his upcoming erotic film “Julie 2”.

After being questioned on his hypocrisy for producing an erotica, the former sanskari CBFC chief clarified that Julie 2 is very sanskari and the girl in the poster is a boy under the bikini.

“Julie 2 is a sanskari film and nobody should object to it. The girl in the poster is a boy under the bikini, which reflects the Indian culture which has no place for women in the society, like I have always maintained,” Nihalani said at the promotional event of Julie 2.

He further urged the media to stop media trials and refer to his recent statements questioning the existence and importance of women in Indian society.

The leading actress of Julie 2, Raai Laxmi, after being labelled a “man”, walked out of the venue. “He made me act in steamy scenes and now that the film is complete, he is turning me into a boy—this wasn’t a part of the script! I never sign movies which have a poor script,” said the actress who signed Julie 2, before storming out of the event venue.

Nihalani was seen avoiding questions from female journalists who were present at the event. Before concluding the address, he said, “I ignored all the women here because they don’t exist as per our Indian culture. This leaves no scope for doubting that the girl I’ve displayed in the poster of Julie 2 is a boy under the bikini.” He further added that the boy in the poster was made to wear a bikini because females might get sexually aroused—which they do not have the right of—on seeing a topless man.