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Producer Pahlaj Nihalani makes cuts in Julie 2 after CBFC clears it without cuts

18, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

The former chairman of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Pahlaj Nihalani has returned to Bollywood as a producer with upcoming film Julie 2. Despite speculations that it is an erotica, the CBFC cleared the film with no cuts. The Board’s decision has irked Pahlaj Nihalani who, as a CBFC chief, had trimmed concepts like sex, women, etc., which were obsolete for him.


According to reports, Pahlaj Nihalani was upset with the Prasoon Joshi-led CBFC committee after it did not instruct cuts in Julie 2. “The film has a female in the lead, and females are against our culture. Prasoon should have trimmed all those scenes which have women in it; I’m shocked to witness his level of ignorance on Indian culture,” he said. He added that clearing films without any cuts will not help Prasoon remain in controversies, which is the primary task of the chairman of the CBFC.

Annoyed by the passing of the film without any cuts, Nihalani edited the bold scenes himself. “I trimmed the part where lead lady Raai Laxmi gets attracted to men because women don’t have the right to do so. I also trimmed the bed scenes because women are supposed to be in the kitchen according to Indian culture,” he said, explaining why he removed 90% of the scenes in Julie 2.

Pahlaj Nihalani has also protested the appointment of Prasoon Joshi as his successor at the CBFC. In his address to the media, he said that he will take on every force that encourages the idea of sex in India. He added that the tourists visiting from other countries should have sex outside India before stepping in the holy land where songs like ‘Khada hai, khada hai’ are composed.

The runtime of producer Pahlaj Nihalani’s Julie 2 after removing sex scenes is four minutes. According to reports, the film, which is slated to release on October 9, will now be released as a trailer.