Producer sues critic who gave the film 4 stars as such high rating is reducing film’s business with people thinking it to be an art movie

06, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai.Critics in India are as irrelevant as good movies. People watch reviews just to compare one review to another and find out which reviewer is running the show. But when it comes to going for a movie, masala entertainers run the show and the producers of these masala entertainers take offence when their movies are rated highly by reviewers.


In one such case, a renowned producer who made ‘Dabba’, has sued noted film critic Sanjeev Manpasand for giving 4 stars to his movie. The reason, though weird, is quite simple. The business of the movie reduced when people stopped going to watch it after reading the review.

The producer had always benefitted from critics bashing his films, as viewers always think that he has the guts to go against the critics and hence they worship him as the flag bearer of independent cinema, a cinema that is independent of critics, independent of viewers, and in most cases independent of script.

The case for Sonchiriya which released last week is quite similar, with the only difference that Sonchiriya does have a script. Sonchiriya’s good reviews have made people believe that the movie is for people who have time to do some thought provoking while watching the movie. Finding such audience is a task in itself.


The writing in Rohitesque films is so simple to understand. And if at all people find it difficult to understand, the slow motion action which is a signature of all his films allows audiences some extra time to figure out what is happening. Sonchiriya on the other case is completely different. The writing disappoints. No item numbers, no out of context songs, no running around the trees. Is it a documentary? Why was it even allowed to release in multiplexes? It’s not ‘Totally’ a ‘Dhamaal’ film and so the box office numbers are pretty average. The current box office numbers will make sure that the future box office numbers will be below average. Remember Andaz Apna Apna?

So what exactly is the audience for Sonchiriya, I mean if at all there is one. The film is far away from Nepotism, actors not using any make up, dialect and nuances reflect the region on which the film is based. These points are working against the film and why not. How can the director be so naïve? Does he have any idea about which type of movies Indians watch?

So to summarize in short, if thought provocation is your strong game, Sonchiriya is definitely not for you. You should in fact start preparing for IIT-JEE.  Anyway, the movie won’t survive till next week. So don’t even bother.