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Producers fire music director for not including remix of any 90s song in film

14, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

After the new rule of including at least one 90’s song in Bollywood releases became underlined, music directors are under immense pressure to show their creativity of remixing songs that had established a cult back then. Recently, a popular music director who did not remix an old song for the next venture of a production house was reprimanded by the producers. The music director, who believes in original compositions, was removed from the film for not adhering to the high standards set by the filmmakers.

The music director was in shock and disgust upon realising that he has been removed for not repackaging old songs. “If the producers wanted to remix old songs in the film, they could have hired the DJs carrying pen drives and calling themselves music producers,” he said. He further added that the filmmakers could have simply hired Pritam Da if they wanted versatility.

The producers of the film refused to entertain the music director despite him holding several press conferences to seek attention. They explained that including a 90’s song was the only way to make the album a hit and recover the costs of the film. “We’re making a film which will be ‘critically acclaimed’. Moreover, it’s slated to release just three months after Bhai’s next film. Who will watch our film in that case?” said a producer who was upset with the clash.  

The filmmakers are now considering hiring popular music director Pritam for the venture. Explaining why he hasn’t been roped in yet, the producer explained, “Pritam Da is on our list, but remixing or remaking any old song requires permission from the original composers, or else it amounts to copyright infringement. Pritam Sir has reached an admirable level of music production where, we fear, he may sometimes forgets these little formalities,” said the worried producer.